The Book that Started it All

Christ's Call

“Destination: God.”

Read the book that started it all!

“Destination: God.” is what kicked it all off! The book talks about Caleb’s journey through life and how God used his experiences to bring him to salvation and desire to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people. In the book, Caleb takes the time to teach, tell, encourage, and explain all that the Lord has done.

The back cover of the book starts off like this… “Think of God’s calling like this… You’re sitting in your living room relaxing in a nice and comfy La-Z-Boy and there’s a bright red rotary phone on the other end of the room. All of a sudden, you hear the phone start to ring; it’s God calling. He has a message for you and he is going to tell you what he wants you to do with your life. You now have a choice to make: you can either get up and answer the phone, or you can sit back and do nothing being lethargic. This is exactly how God’s literal calling on our lives plays out! You have the choice to pursue his calling by answering the call by being obedient, or you can chose to ignore it by doing nothing.”

After publishing the book, Caleb wanted to continue equipping teens to share their Extraordinary faith in ordinary ways, so, from that, came “13:15” (thirteen-fifteen) which is an apologetics podcast that Caleb hosts and which he created alongside Ben, his Executive Administrator.

Ben and Caleb both encourage you to take full advantage of all the resources above!