Designers for the King

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27


There is creativity in virtually everything.

See, as humans, we have one purpose and one purpose only: to Glorify God with our lives, our talk, and our actions. In order to accomplish this purpose, God has supplied us with immense means for this glorifying end. One of those means is the activation and display of the universally engrained essence of creativity.

First of all, what is Creativity?

Now, we’ve all heard it said that creativity is a characteristic unique to a particular kind of individual. Namely, that of an artist, songwriter, thespian etc. but that doesn’t seem to be Biblically accurate. According to the Bible, God has instilled ALL of his image-bearers with a desire and a capacity to build new and original things.


We have large parts of ourselves that cry out to design, form, and coordinate. It’s something completely addicting and plan-fulfilling when you work at a project (whether that be a painting, a song, or even a blog post) that aims to glorify God in its truest intent. There is no reward like the feeling you get when you step back from a hard-worked piece of writing, or a well-thought-out speech, or an eye-pleasing sculpture, and you see God’s beautiful being.

You may be wondering, “Why are you saying that’s God’s beauty?! You’re the one who designed it…” Well, the reason I give Him the credit instead of us, the artists, who “put in the hours” to construct our pieces, is because, without Him, we wouldn’t be able to create anything! What I mean by this, of course, is not only that we wouldn’t be able to do anything if it weren’t for Him, but also that if it’s true that we are made in His image (or rather, that our emotions, feelings, and purposes are similar to His in many ways) then in some fashion, anything pretty and pleasing we can come up with is a reflection of His character!


Think about it: anything you have the ability to conceive or produce comes from your mind, your heart, your experiences, your interests and your beliefs. If you write a novel, it no doubt (in one way or another) reveals something about who you are. The same is true for God! Look at nature. The trees, the leaves, the rocks, the dirt, the sun, the moon, the snow, the lakes, the rivers, the flowers, the animals; the list continues. If it is true that God orchestrated these things into being, they must reveal who He is.

Could it be that God is graceful like a doe? Fearsome and mighty like a lion? Rocksteady and armored like a Rhinoceros? Gorgeous and stunning like a peacock? Or even emotional, moral, and intellectual like a human?

What better way to show us who He is than through all of His creation! We literally don’t even have to look around us to see it either. Observe your hand! Your face! Your hair! Your smile! God is like that. The God of the Universe is the ultimate artist, the Unique Creator, who has graciously given us a way of fulfilling our life’s mission for His glory, as well as for our deepest joy. May we all be motivated and moved by the exquisite reality around us so that we can’t help but forge newness in His Name!

Let us rejoice in these facts, constantly asking the question to our environment, “How does this show who God is?” and watch in awe as our mental image of God shifts into one of Beauty, Majesty, Power, and Trustworthiness.


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